Real Estate Investor FAQs

For Investors

► How do I use your platform?


The RealPeek platform is accessible only through your agent’s website. Have your agent contact us directly and we will set up the website for them and you can get direct access to it.

► I don’t have a real estate agent. How do I get access to your platform?


If you don’t have an agent, visit our Partner Network page where we can connect you with an investor-friendly agent.

► I already have a great agent who helps me buy investment properties. Why do I need RealPeek?


That is great. Does your agent help you locate good properties? Or do they only help with closing deals? If it’s the latter, RealPeek can help your agent not only search cash flowing properties within seconds, but also provide you with detailed analysis so that you can make decisions faster and act quickly before other investors snatch that golden property. If your agent already provides you with some analysis, ask them how much time they spend looking for deals, analyzing them and sending them your way. If they are doing it manually by only looking at the MLS, then RealPeek can help make them efficient and send you deals much faster.

► Is there a cost to using your platform?


For investors, there is no cost for using the RealPeek platform.

► Why do you not offer your platform to investors directly? 


There are three reasons why RealPeek chose this model:

  1. If we make it available directly to investors, we would have to charge you. This way its free for you to use, isn’t that great?
  2. Real estate agent is the most valuable resource you need in your team. RealPeek is a decision-making tool that finds needle in the haystack properties and you can run what-if scenarios to get a good feel for the performance of the property. The agent can complement the estimated data we provide with their experience and knowledge to help you make a better-informed decision.
  3. Not all investors may have an agent they work with. Even if they do, the agent may not be investor-friendly. By going through RealPeek, you get to use the platform and work with an agent who knows and understands what investors need.

► How do you qualify agents to be investor friendly? Why is that important for me as an investor?


An investor-friendly agent has experience working with investors and they don't just send you properties that come to market but do the due diligence to understand if they are profitable before sending them to you. This saves you time so that you can focus only on properties that makes sense.

► Why don't I see properties in my state?


We are currently supporting the MLS in Washington state. Please go to the Contact page and enter your information so that we can explore supporting your state.