Real Estate Agent FAQs

For Agents

► I already have a website. Do I need to get a new website for RealPeek or can I integrate into my current website?


If you already have a website that you would like to continue using, we will provide you with a URL that you can embed in your own website. You can work with your website support experts to help you with the integration.

► I don’t have a website, how do I get RealPeek platform?


If you don't have a website, the first step is to get a new domain. There are several providers such as GoDaddy, Namecheap, BlueHost etc. and they are simple to use. Once you have the domain, they will have instructions on how to forward the domain to RealPeek website. You can also contact us for guidance.

► What will it cost for my investor clients to use RealPeek?


There is no cost to your investor clients to use the RealPeek platform.

► I prefer sending reports to my clients myself. Are there any restrictions? 


You own the platform, so you are free to use it however you’d like. But be aware that if you decide to provide alerts and reports to all your clients yourself, it can take a lot of your time. The objective is to make this platform available to your clients to make them efficient and self-sufficient, thus freeing your time so that you can focus on what actually effects your bottom line, which is, selling more homes.

► How do my investor clients access the platform?


All you have to do is have your clients visit your website and register using the Sign Up link. They will have their own private access to use the platform.

► I can do my own cash flow analysis. Why do I need RealPeek? Its just a calculator.


We are so glad you asked this because it’s important to understand that we are not just a calculator. Sure, anyone can run such an analysis in a spreadsheet, but RealPeek addresses a bigger problem – locating hard to find properties among thousands of properties in real time. How are you currently finding these properties? How much time does it take? You only run an analysis AFTER you find the property. Using this platform, you can not only find properties in the market today, but also see how are they performing in real time, all of which you can do in seconds.

► What is the enablement program?


We give you a technology platform that helps you find properties with analysis, but how do you get your investor clients to use it and take advantage of it? RealPeek believes that in addition to providing you with a platform, it is critical that you also get armed with other resources that help you attract investors, market to them, understand how investors think, how they make decisions, and how to grow your business. This is what enablement program offers – an extra push to make you successful. We provide you with the information, education and resources to make you more investor-friendly, all in one place.

► Is there a cost to the enablement program?


No, there is no cost for agents to participate in the enablement program. In fact, it comes part of the packages that you have subscribed to.

► I have been working with investors for years. I am an expert and I already send them analysis reports. Why do I need RealPeek?


You are a perfect customer then. How are you finding deals for your clients? How long does it take? Are you using spreadsheets to do the analysis? Can you run analysis on a thousand properties and create a report within seconds that you can send to your clients? If the answers are yes, then you need RealPeek. We make you more efficient.

► I am new agent trying to build my business. Can RealPeek help me?


RealPeek is great for new agents. Using lead generation tools and finding new customers (standard home buyers and sellers) is very costly and time consuming, and you are competing with well established agents. The investors want to work with agents and help them find properties, and many agents don’t focus on investors. Visit home buyers vs investors to learn about why you should work with investors. In addition to your general activities that you do to work with standard home buyers and sellers, you can create another revenue stream working with investors.

► Sometimes investors call me, and I help them buy a house occasionally. Do I really need RealPeek?


Seems like you have potential to work with investors and grow that business. Visit home buyers vs investors to learn why you should work with investors. You can complement and grow your business working with this segment of the market. And the best part is, it doesn’t take you away from your normal activity with standard home buyers and sellers. The investor clients use the platform and do their own search and analysis, and call you when they are ready to buy, thus saving you weeks and months showing them homes.

► I am happy with my business right now. I don't have time or the motivation to learn another tool or deal with more clients. Why should I even consider RealPeek?


We are happy your business is doing so well. As you know, businesses have cycles of growth. Do you have a solid plan on how you will continue to grow during these cycles? For example, when the market takes a dip, will your clients continue to buy or sell? What if you could add new reveneue streams without putting much effort and cost into your business? RealPeek platform helps you attract new type of clients (investors) who are the actual users of the platform. You can send your clients to us to get trained on it. In other words, all you have to do is promote yourself as an investor-friendly agent and invite your clients to visit your website and enjoy the profits, and we do everything in between.

► I am reluctant to work with investors because it takes too much of my time. Why should I consider RealPeek?


The general perception is that it’s hard to work with real estate investors. That's because agents may not have the right tools, technology or the training to specifically work with investors. This is what RealPeek is for – to help you get the information and resources you need to become comfortable working with investors.

► Why don't I see properties in my state?


We are currently supporting the MLS in Washington state. Please go to the Contact page and enter your information so that we can explore supporting your state.

For Managing Brokers

► I have just a few of my agents who work with investors. Why should I have them use yet another tool, they are busy enough.


RealPeek is a platform that your agents offer to their investor clients, who run the search and analysis by themselves. Your agents are spending a lot of time hand holding standard buyers, showing them homes for months. Unlike these buyers, investors are quick decision makers as long as they are given the right information and tools to help them make their own decisions. By using RealPeek, you have an opportunity to create new revenue streams for your business by arming your agents with the RealPeek tools and services.

► My agents can use spreadsheets to do the cash flow analysis. Why should I spend money on RealPeek which does the same thing?


RealPeek is so much more than a simple calculator. Your agents can certainly run the calculations themselves, but that is AFTER they have identified a property. The question is – how DID they identify that property? How much time did it take? There are around 30,000 active properties at any one time in the Greater Seattle area. How will they find that golden property, and how will they run the cash flow analysis on each one of those 30,000 properties? RealPeek offers a highly advanced technology that performs cash flow analysis on each one of these 30,000 properties and can very quickly (within seconds) show you which property best meets your client’s investment criteria. It creates custom reports that your agents can send to their clients.

► How can I use RealPeek to attract new agents to join my business?


RealPeek is a great tool to provide to your agents. Agents are attracted to businesses that enable them to generate new leads and help them get started and grow. By serving investor clients, they can create new revenue streams for themselves using RealPeek technology and services. You can differentiate your business from others by using RealPeek.