Your Guide for Finding Investor Client Deals in this Unpredictable
 Seattle Housing Market



Listen to our residential real estate investor experts discuss 

how to find deals for investor clients in this crazy housing market.

In such a volatile market, how can you help investor clients find profitable investments deals?

Given the unpredictable and high prices of properties in our market, many investors have lost confidence that brokers will be able to find deals through the MLS listings. But is this really true? We believe there are always deals to be found when you monitor markets consistently and act fast when a deal presents itself. 

On this webinar, Dev Soor, real estate investor turned broker and founder of RealPeek, and Derek Ward, seasoned real estate broker and investor, dig deeper into how to evaluate investment properties using cash flow analysis, current investment market statistics and trends, and how to find hidden deals in this unpredictable Seattle housing market. This webinar covers:

  • How to gather information about and calculate cash flow, cap rate, rent to value ratios, cash on cash return, etc.
  • Where you can find properties that are cash flowing positive in the Greater Seattle Area
  • Different investment strategies based on market conditions
  • How to use the MLS information to analyze properties and create comprehensive investment analysis reports that you can send to your clients
  • How you can arm your investor clients with the latest technologies to do their own search and analysis of investment properties