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Join RealPeek's community of real estate investors and investor-friendly real estate professionals and unlock new growth and success.

For Investors

Have your agent contact us or use our partner network to connect with an investor-friendly agent.

Investors need help from several professionals, such as real estate agents, property managers, lenders, contractors, attorneys, home inspectors and others. The evaluation, loan qualification, management and sale of investment properties requires thorough knowledge of the laws, rules and a certain mindset.

RealPeek is a hub where investors can get the information and get connected with these qualified professionals. RealPeek’s partner network consists of professionals who have been qualified and have extensive experience working with residential real estate investors. If you would like to be connected to a professional, enter your contact information below and your specific need, and we will make our best effort to find you the most qualified professional at no cost.

For Partners


Join our partner network and get connected with real estate investors who are looking for help with buying or selling investment properties. If you are interested, register here.

Partner FAQs

► What is the cost of joining the partner network?

Currently, there is no cost to join the RealPeek partner network.

► Why should I join the RealPeek network? What is in it for me?

Our mission is to help the end user – the real estate investor – become successful, and its essential for the investor to be surrounded by the right team. Also, today investors have a hard find finding the right professional. An agent, for example, sells the house to an investor, and the investor is on their own to find a property manager. They are on their own to find a lender. It may not be difficult to find any agent or any lender, but what is difficult is to find an “investor-friendly” agent or “investor-friendly” lender. We are building a network of investor-friendly professionals that are easily accessible to investors. As a partner, you get access to investor clients who are looking for professionals like you.

► How do you qualify partners?

Our only criteria to qualify is your investor-friendliness. Here are some ways that make you investor-friendly:

If you use RealPeek platform, you automatically qualify.

If you are an agent and if you help them find properties, not just close deals, and provide your clients with cash flow analysis.

If you are a property manager, you should have a significant portfolio of residential investment properties (1-4 units) that you manage.

If you are a lender, your work with investors and understand the complexties of their tax situation, ability to close quickly, delayed closing etc.

► I am a property manager, can I use your platform?

Yes, you can subscribe to the RealPeek service as well. We can create branded website for your agents. Contact us for more details.

► I didn’t qualify. Why didn’t I and what do I have to do to join your network?

When investors ask for an investor-friendly professional, they are expecting certain qualities and skill set that these professionals must possess. So it’s important that we only refer professionals to investors who meet their criteria. In order to qualify, you can purchase the RealPeek platform, and go through the training and education that we provide. If you are an agent, there are some clock hour courses that are available in the market. Contact us to get information on those courses.

► Why don't I see properties in my state?

We are currently supporting the MLS in Washington state. Please go to the Contact page and enter your information so that we can explore supporting your state.