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We are on a mission.

We are on a mission to help everyone achieve their real estate investment goals. New investors are still making decisions emotionally because of lack of data, too much time is being spent searching on traditional online search platforms which are not designed for investment properties, and seasoned investors don’t have the proper means to track the performance of their holdings to make tough decisions on how to manage, buy and sell properties and keep up with market conditions.

We could have just built an analytics system and bombarded investors with overwhelming data. We could have built yet another website for real estate professionals which doesn’t help the investors directly. We could have built a high-end calculator or spreadsheets on steroids.

But no –

At RealPeek, we wanted to offer all this and a LOT more.

So, we built something that everyone can use, and everyone wins – including agents AND investors alike. Something that doesn’t cost anything to investors and yet they get highly advanced AI-based analytics and an easy to use search and decision-making platform using RealPeek's patent-pending technology. Something that enables an agent, the most valuable resource for an investor, to build trust and make their clients more efficient. Something that tackles the core of the need – helps investors make quick decisions and achieve their lifetime goals.


Technology makes us fast and efficient, but in the real estate world, the human connection is still very important. We understand this – so we wanted to not only offer innovative technologies to agents and investors, but also help create the appropriate mindset and experience to achieve success through education, networking and empowerment.

RealPeek Leadership

The founders at RealPeek are real estate brokers and investors with technology backgrounds who found a disconnect between real estate agents and investors through their personal experiences. The real estate agents they worked with were not able to provide the cash flow information they needed to make quick decisions. While the commercial real estate industry was well equipped with advanced tools and services to help investors find and analyze commercial properties, there was no equivalent method of quickly searching and analyzing properties in the residential market. RealPeek was born with the passion to help residential investors get visibility into the performance of properties and arm agents with the right information so that they can become a valuable asset to investors.

“The RealPeek product has the possibility to save me valuable time every week while looking for investment properties. It automates and streamlines the entire process.

– Brian buck, REAL ESTATE BROKER –

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